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Allison & Carey Gunworks: handguns needed for armed robberies

Media Coverage

Richard Ross of KGW-TV news did a 7-Minute lead evening headline story about the armed robbery of the Allison & Carey Gunworks where the proprietor was tied and gagged.  A large amount of handguns were taken.  His story compared the methods and operations of the robbey to Chicago Prohibition  Era gangsters.  Mr. Ross later admitted publicly that he worked with the FBI to plant slanted newsstories to assist them in their investigations.  Cointelpro operations were active in this case because of it's roots to the Eugene chapter of the Patriot Party.


FBI immediately arrived at the scene of the robbery with both a motive and suspects' photos.   One  picture was identified by the victim.  Local police  investigating the crime had no evidence or leads to indicate that politics were involved.  Portland Police Intelligence's surveillance operations on suspects began in mid-January 1973. They later received an incomplete brief from the FBI saying that "local political activists" were suspects.                


Dr. Frank Stearns Giese was convicted of Federal Conspiracy in the  bombings of two military recruiting stations.  A personal book of his was with the 68-stick dynamite bomb found in a Seattle safe house.

The FBI has a vast collection of news articles and heavily deleted investigative files.  3500 pages were obtained in 1977 under the Freedom of Information Act.  The US Attorney General authorized it after FBI Director Clarence M. Kelley refused to release them in 1976.  Mr. Kelley said that contents in the files might jeopardize the  conspiracy conviction appeal of Dr. Giese.  He did not want to inherit any responsibility.

The FBI files left in their false statement that Lynn Bruce Meyer was an active member of 65 subversive organizations.


Max William Severin called their machine guns and sawed-off shotguns "garbage guns to be only used on jobs."